Don’t Get Scammed! by Alina Lopez 

We’ve all heard of the infamous lottery scam and other phone and internet scams, yet people fall for these on a regular basis. Although it’s a frequent occurrence, not all stories make the news, but occasionally an uprise in scams catches the attention of local news outlets. Recently there has been a peak in these

46th Annual Awards Ceremony by Alina Lopez 

Every year since the inception of this organization, we have held an annual awards ceremony to recognize those Crime Watchers, police officers, and school principals who have dedicated their time and energy to this agency. With over 800,000 residents involved in one way or another, those volunteers truly make a difference in their communities.   In

Back to School Safety by Alina Lopez

And just like that, summer is over and it’s time to head back to school for our students. This is an important time for families to discuss safety with their children. Although there are many back to school tips we could review, I will be highlighting just a few, due to time and space constraints.   First

Hurricane Preparedness: Are You Ready? By Alina Lopez

As I wrote this blog, Tropical Storm Elsa was threatening our shores. Downgraded from a hurricane category 1, it still was expected to bring rain and wind to the Keys and the West side of Florida. Although we’re already a month into hurricane season, it’s wise to brush up on hurricane safety

Proteja a las Personas Mayores  por Alina Lopez 

Junio es el mes de concientización sobre la prevención del abuso de ancianos, y dado que la populación de ancianos está creciendo más rápido que todos los demás grupos de edad, es importante que protejamos a nuestros adultos mayores de los delitos contra ellos. Aunque actualmente el abuso financiero, como el robo, fraude, o explotación electrónica, es el tipo de abuso más común, los delitos físicos y sexuales también afectan a este grupo de edad.   Cada año, 1

Citizen’s Crime Watch of Miami-Dade

Citizens’ Crime Watch is a nonprofit county-wide crime prevention program funded by the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners, grants and donations.