National Law Enforcement Month By Alina Lopez

National Law Enforcement Month


There isn’t a more dangerous and unpredictable career as that of law enforcement. Every year nationwide, we lose officers in the line of duty to murders, car or motorcycle accidents, on the job injuries, illnesses, and this past year, COVID19.

Since 1962, President Kennedy and Congress proclaimed May as National Law Enforcement Month, specifically May 15 as National Law Enforcement Memorial Day. The week in which May 15 falls, National Police Week, is devoted to pay special recognition to those law enforcement officers who lost their lives for the safety and protection of others. Cities across the nation host memorial events during May to honor, respect, and remember those who gave their lives in the line of duty.

Washington D.C. has the National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum where there’s a wall in which statues of lions line the entrance to the names of fallen officers that have been engraved on it. Every May a candlelit ceremony is held, sadly to add names in honor of new fallen officers.

Locally in Miami Dade County, we have a Police Memorial located in Tropical Park. Four black granite walls stand as a tribute to heroism and sacrifice, etched with the names of those men and women who died serving their community. This past May 6, the annual police memorial event was held to honor the memory of our local heroes. If you’re ever in the Tropical Park area, it is highly recommended that you visit the impressive site. I have attended numerous memorials throughout the years and there isn’t one dry eye in the audience. It truly is an event to experience and it is orchestrated beautifully.

In a time like today where we are facing so much negativity toward law enforcement, it’s easy to lose track that these men and women are human just like all of us and are mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, friends, and neighbors. Their profession though, puts them in situations that most of us citizens would never encounter in our daily lives. Yes, there are more “dangerous” jobs out there, and police officers didn’t even make the top 10 in the most recent list, but a police officer puts on that uniform and badge every day without knowing what challenges that shift will bring. Maybe it’s an easy day. Maybe they need to respond to a domestic call where a husband is threatening his wife with a knife. Maybe they pull up to a car accident in which a small child has been injured or killed. The most simple call or traffic stop can take a turn for the worse in a heartbeat. The internal and subconscious stress these individuals face is unlike any other profession and their end goal is for everyone to go home at the end of the day; not just the police officer, everyone goes home. To those who have chosen the path of law enforcement and to protect and serve our community, we thank you and stay safe!

Citizens’ Crime Watch of Miami Dade has obvious close ties to the many local police departments in our county as we work together to promote crime prevention and neighborhood watch. We want to extend a multitude of gratitude to Director Alfredo Ramirez III, Director of Miami Dade Police Department, and the whole Miami Dade Police Department, as well as the many municipal police departments and their leaders in our county, for their continued support and collaboration to our organization.

Until next time, be aware, make good choices, and stay safe.

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Written by: Alina Lopez

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