National Night Out – Promoting Police-Community Partnerships by Alina Lopez 

Every year on the first Tuesday in August, the nation celebrates National Night Out. Perhaps you’ve never heard of it before or perhaps you’re a pro at attending or organizing such event. This campaign was introduced in August of 1984 as an initiative to promote police and community unity and help make communities safer. It has grown to become more than just a small celebration amongst neighbors to a nationwide event of family block parties, festivals, parades, and other various community events. These celebrations highlight safety demonstrations, seminars, youth events, and more. By bridging the relationship between law enforcement and neighbors, it brings a true sense of community and positive circumstances.  

This year, National Night Out takes place on Tuesday, August 3, 2021 and although some communities might celebrate in October in conjunction with National Crime Prevention Month, the official Night Out is the first Tuesday of August. Regardless of when it’s celebrated (in August or October), it is a grand event that can be done at a small or large scale.  

As mentioned in past blogs, one of the steps to take in creating safer neighborhoods is getting to know who belongs and who lives in your area. What better way to bring neighbors together than to have a fun, yet educational gathering to promote safety and awareness! Last year might have put a damper on many celebrations and gatherings due to the pandemic, but as we move forward to reopening and going back to our normal lives, we can all benefit from attending or coordinating a National Night Out event. Reach out to your local police departments or precincts to inquire about any activities they may be hosting for National Night Out or take the initiative and put one together, whether you have an active Crime Watch group or not. Make sure to register your group and event at the official National Night Out website so that your group can get recognition as a participating entity.  

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Until next time, be aware, make good choices, and stay safe.  


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